link back to Fancycricket is always required to use my graphics on the web.
You can use a logo of mine or a plain text link or link the graphic itself back to my site.

You may decorate your personal/commercial website and emails.
No link back is required for the use of my sigtags in personal emails.

Sigtags: most of my sigtags – but not all – can be downloaded by you if you are listed in my Always List, if not, you may require them through the Request Form. Anyway, now and then I offer a sigtag to be downloaded by everyone.
You need to have a working website/blog or such to be admitted to my always list.
Adoptions: can be required through the Request form but no name will be added on them.

Kidsafe, friendly websites only.

I reserve the right to change these rules at any time, without prior notice, so please re-read them from time to time.

Thanks for reading my terms

TOU for line and tube sets:

You must have a working website to request a line or a tube set.


After coloring my lines, you may tube them and redistribute through your website for sale or for free.

You may shadow in a different way my greyscale and make some small editing changes if you need to fit your project and you may also rotate, mirror, animate my characters.
My lines/greyscale must never be redistributed/shared “as is”.

A link back to Fancycricket is required when using my lines: a credit page displaying the lines logo is fine.


They are intended for end use only.
You may re-color the tubes I’ve done from my original lines to match the colors of your projects.
The tubes that I’ve made and offer from other pixel artists must not be altered in any way.
You may rotate, mirror and animate my characters and make some small editing changes in my tubes to make them suitable to your creative purpose..
You may create your items (signatures, adoptions, IM letters and so on) and distribute them for sale or for free, but my tubes must never be redistributed/shared “as is”.

You must provide an active link to my website with the tube logos you received, in your page of credits/memberships.

Thank you very much for reading my rules.