And there are also 5 free tube sets available on request if you have a working website. As Lisa is a character of my own and I also have drawn all the items in the set you may change/delete some pixels to fit every items in the set (poses, hair, clothes) and even change the colors. If you have any doubt, please read my term of use or simply ask through my Request Form. Of course you may give away final items made with my tubes.
Remember that you may ask lines or tubes of the same set, not both.
If you want to see a preview of all the set, look at this link.
If you’d like to get a Lisa witch siggie like the one here above, just click this link and fill out with your name. (If your name is not displayed in the list, just write to me and I’ll add yours).
After receiving the set, in a few days, you should display in your website the relevant logo.
That’s all for now, have a spooky Halloween time.

1/5 tube sets available