Sig-machine attacks

Due to the attacks against my sig-machine scripts, I can’t anymore offer sigtags ready to use.
Someone or something lately runs a software to try and find out my sig-machine javascript vulnerabilities and almost managed to damage my files saved on the server. Last time I had to work for hours to make my sig-machine work again. The first week on November I’ve experienced the same attack, I don’t know if it is a virus/malware or such, something that maybe is activated through an unaware, infected user, what I know is that it comes from someone that visits my website and try and use my sig-machine repeatedly. Don’t know what kind of damages that can do.

I’m sorry but I don’t want to have my computer and work at risk any longer, so from now on, you have to ask through the Request Form the sigtags you want for you and/or your friends, this way there will be no javascript running in my website.
For the same reason I will not upload the Advent Calendar like I’ve always done for several years: I’m very sorry for that :(

If you want to get all the sigtags I’m going to offer, I could add you to my always list.
As soon as a new sigtag is displayed, all the subscribers find their sigtags uploaded  in a password protected page, in addition now and then I’ll add some special gifts for you only.